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History, Vision, Mission, and Values


Cosmic Investments Limited has been committed to handling quality construction projects since its incorporation in 2008.
By 2009, the company had started doing small scale construction work for homeowners who needed renovation and modification services. This then evolved into full-scale structural construction and rehabilitation of access roads.
In 2010, the company confident of its ability to provide high-quality services began to bid for larger-scale projects.

To date, the company has successfully completed more than 100 kilometers of road works and 50,000 square feet of structural space.


To continue moving towards being recognized as the performance leader of Uganda’s major industrial sectors by challenging the frontiers of knowledge to deliver outstanding services, supplies, customer satisfaction, and projects that meet World-class standards.


To be a business composed of experience and high integrity – to provide the finest quality products and services at a very competitive price. With our business, we must provide the highest quality to our customers, hire and train exceptional employees, solve day to day problems, and keep adjusting our products and services to meet the constantly changing market.


The grand vision of "Building Better Tomorrows" encourages our business to achieve great heights. Among the values that will underpin our success are:

  • Integrity – Maintaining constant adherence to a strict moral and ethical code
  • Professionalism – Conducting ourselves as the dedicated professionals that we are

  • Respect – Appreciate and treat all individuals with courtesy and dignity

  • Honesty – Uphold truthfulness and fairness when dealing with others

  • Excellence – Constantly striving to do better than ordinary

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