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Message from the ED


The foundation of our business was based partly on the realization that Uganda has tremendous potential and appreciation that growth in Africa is inevitable.
Conversely, this potential is paralyzed by uncertainty and insistence on traditional ways of doing business by public and private players.

Cosmic Investments offers an attractive alternative based on adaptability and ultimate flexibility as building blocks to enable our business to scale and thrive.
We are a knowledge-based company that takes pride in being open and receptive to input; which has enabled us to be innovative in our thinking and approach to business. We believe this gives us a competitive advantage over other players in the market.
From policymakers to technocrats to legal advisors, we have nurtured relationships with various expertise in the business space from which we can offer a comprehensive package in consultancy, product sourcing, and construction.


Our goal is to use this vantage position to offer locally tailored solutions to our clients, both in the public and private sectors, based on their respective circumstances while ultimately contributing to the infrastructural development of Uganda and Africa at large.

Brian Lutaaya

Executive Director
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